12/26/11 As we come to the year-end wrap up I'd just like to express my appreciation and respect for all the artists it has been my pleasure and joy to work with, over this last busy year. One of the joys of owning / operating your own business is the privledge of choosing your own clientele, and I continue to keep smilin' :) Cheers to all of you, I look forward to making more great music with you guys n' gals in 2012.

1/1/11 HAPPY NEW YEAR!! OA finally joins the 21st century (sort of), with the addition of a 10-year old pro tools system to our lovely analog arsenal. The archaic "modern" setup now means direct 16-channel transfers from analog to digital (as well as 16-track simultaneous output to console). Basic editing can now be done without hacking tape to bits...but you're still welcome and encouraged to do so :)

Also, check out our vastly improved GEAR LIST, which now includes another 1176LN, amazing stereo buss master compression, new mics and EQ, and of course a long-sought after DS-201 frequency-sensitive gate, for all you Phil Collins fans out there.

10/26/10 We are proud to announce the official CD release of "Studies Have Shown" by electro-pop wordsmiths Moving Picture Show. Tracking - mixing for this album saw the better part of a year-and-a-half, along with a great deal of late night mexican food, two broken relationships, a failed marriage, one seminal haircut, and a beautiful new baby well as some really amazing (and amazing sounding) new music. Epic!

9/19/10 Run-and-gun quick video of drummer Keith Larsen in studio, warming up for a session.

7/18/10 CD release date for Noah Engh - "Take Yer Pants Off And Dance".

7/4/10 New Kamikaze EP is mixed and finalized, heading into production.

7/3/10 Tracked, mixed & mastered first song yesterday for soundtrack for the upcoming film The Last Beat, the latest upcoming film from award-winning director Robert Saitzyk, due out 2011.

6/29/10 This week will see the final masters for Noah Engh's new record, entitled "Take Yer Pants Off And Dance" (to be released on SB United Records). Noah is currently on tour all over the east coast, and preparations are being made for his forthcoming documentary "My Caddy Won't Let Me", to be filmed during the west coast tour leg this August.

6/25/10 Completed production on remix of "1965" for CJ Ramone's new project Bad Chopper for release on the RockBand network.

6/23/10 Welcome to ORGANIC AUDIO RECORDERS 2.0 website re-launch! Many thanks to the lovely ladies at Drunken Cow Designs for their hard work and vision getting the new site up and running. And be sure to visit the new page on FACEBOOK as well.