Organic Audio Studio


5/26/13 Cool recent video release of "Jealous Guy" by Albert Garrett - filmed, mixed & recorded at Studio B with videographer Sydney Stephenson.

4/30/13 Black Belt KARATE released their debut EP this past month, recorded and mixed in Studio A...check out the band's most recent music video for "Kaleidoscope".

2/25/13 Want to hear some bagpipes? Check out "Rover" by OWL (pipes recorded at Studio B).

2/13/12 Some kind studio words expressed in this recent, well-conducted interview with the boys in Roman Candle Wars. Production on the new album begins in March.

1/31/12 Be sure to check out the brand new double-video premiere release of "Cali' Rex" by Noah Engh, in all its analog tape-saturated hissing loveliness...and yes, cigar box guitars