Black Belt KARATE - Volume 1

"Volume 1" by Black Belt KARATE

Release date Apr 23, 2013
West coast melodic desert-rock meets NYC attitude


"Love at First Sight" by Albert Garrett & the Bad Romantics

Release date Nov 20, 2012
Butch Walker eat your heart out...

Noah Engh - My Black Gunner

"My Black Gunner" by Noah Engh

Release date Jun 7, 2011
Gangster blues - Tom Waits fights Jon Spencer, loses

Kamikaze - Tinnitus

"Tinnitus" by Kamikaze

Release date Jan 7, 2011
Sludge-punk EP debut from downtown LA

Moving Picture Show - Studies Have Shown

"Studies Have Shown..." by Moving Picture Show

Release date Oct 26, 2010
Uber-catchy electro pop rock, beautiful lyrics